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The 26th of November 2016 is the day when the first official activity happened with the theme "Get Together" which means gathering together and getting to know each other. People came from different puroks to partake in our activity. We had imparted some simple health teachings about hypertension and diarrhea. Afterwards, we had several games played and prizes given out. Indeed, it was a successful getting together event



Exercise in a form of dance. The second activity of the team. Zumba, the morning spree on December 3


January 2018

Hiking it all out and visiting every households in the barangay. Survey questionnaire answering, inspection of houses, and inviting for the general assembly

Till next time

January 2018

After tallying the survey questionnaire answers, we arrived at the results thus giving us lists of problems present in the barangay. Prioritization of the problems were done together with the constituents of the barangay

Barangay Leaders Meeting

January 2018

A general assembly was conducted in order to share the findings of the surveys and the prioritized problems. Afterwards it was all fun and games wherein everyone participated. Quite a successful event indeed

General Assembly
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