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Constantino, Jeffrey283877 FOR FRAME.jpg

Jeffrey O. Constantino

Head, Access to Safe Water Program

"The Dedicated Leader"

Jeffrey is the leader of the team. An inspiration to the other students with discipline and critical thinking. Known to be an early worm, he sets an example of punctuality and character. Cleanliness is a must or else!

Reyes, Kristel Mae284377.jpg

Kristel Mae G. Reyes

Head, Solid Waste Management & Livelihood Program

"The Editor-in-Chief"

Kristel is the team’s secretary. She starts the exposure listing all the activities to be achieved for each CHPs. She reminds the group of the tasks that must be done very crucial for the team to move. When she texts you a list, you know you're gonna have to work hard.

Jumadil, Bensar283846 FOR FRAME.jpg

Bensar B. Jumadil

Head, Solid Waste Management Program

“The Graphic & Video-editor”

 Ben is the IT of the team. When you need something be it making a poster, t-shirt design, and video editing, he gets it done like a professional! Additional bonus to all his awesomeness is you get to ask all the movies and series you want, he has it.


Anna-Reema R. Itum

Head, Hypertension Program

“The Finance Manager”

Reema is the reminder of the team. She reminds you to lower down your voice, she also lists down every points that is important during the meeting. Every meeting is never dull when she’s around, making it hard to lower down our voices.

Valdez, Charlene283989.jpg

Charlene Mae L.H. Valdez

“The Motivator”

Head, Hypertension Program

Charlene is the sweet, kind, everyone's-besfriend member of the group. Spending time with her is means you're going to have a good time talking and having fun. She’s an inspiration on work and dedication completing the team with it.

Belcina, Kohleen Alessandra284140.jpg

Kohleen Alessandra S. Belciña

"The Mediator"

Head, Sanitary Toilet Facility & Livelihood Program

Kohleen is the team’s most charming member. At a time when your project is too complicated, she breaks it down one by one and helps you look at the project in a simpler angle. At the end of each meeting, when she says "guys" that’s the time you need to clean and do after care.

Santos, Llean Danica283840.jpg

Llean Danica B. Santos

“The Strategist”

Head, Malnutrition Program

Llean is the wisest member of the group. The community group would not survive without her great instincts especially on food. Plus, she's brilliant and creative which the team highly needs and relies on.

Selisana, Jon Alvin283859 FOR FRAME.jpg

Jon Alvin M. Selisana

Head, Access to Sanitary Toilet Facility Program

“The Logistics / Operations Manager”

Jon is the most consistent and organized member of the team. When you need a non-bias advice, he got good ears to lend. Need someone to plan even the smallest details? He's the perfect guy for the job. Also a breath of relief from stress.

Meet The Team

Meet the staff and individual team members that are the heart of this Blog. Our bloggers /medical students are an unbelievable source of information, all here to bring you the best, and most interesting content about Bag-ong Dalaguete. We come together from various backgrounds carrying with us the mission & vision of Ateneo de Zamboanga University - School of Medicine. Learn about the team and the work they are doing for  BAG-ONG DALAGUETE .

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