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Insufficient Family Income

Poverty threshold or poverty line is the minimum income required for a family or individual to meet the basic household needs. According to the 2015 Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) data, a minimum of 9,064 php is needed on a monthly basis to meet both basic food and non-food requirements of a Filipino family with 5 members having a budget of 1,813 php for each member. The national goal is to lower the percentage of family below poverty threshold to 17.2%. Based on the initial survey conducted in Brgy. Bag-Ong Dalaguete last January 2018, 50 % of the families are below the poverty threshold. Portraying a family that struggles in being able to provide the basic necessities needed for their members.

To increase the number of households with other source of income from 19 % to 65% in Barangay Bag-ong Dalaguete Municipality of Mahayag, Zamboanga Del Sur by the year 2020.



  • 59 % of the families in the barangay falls below poverty threshold

  • 42 families are 4Ps members

  • 56 % of adult population only attained elementary level

  • 10 % of adult population reached college level, but only 5 % finished college

  • 65 % of working population are farmers

  • 28 % of working population are unemployed

  • 81 % of families (79 households) has no alternative source of income

1. To create an organization facilitating activities and projects on livelihood.

2. To improve the knowledge and skills of the residents of Barangay Bag-ong Dalaguete on income generating projects.

3. To initiate income generating interventions among target residents

Specific objectives:

Accomplishments and Updates

Update as of 2020

"DOLE Certified: Bag-Ong Dalaguete Livelihood Organization"


"TESDA Training: Manicure & Pedicure"

To be able to provide the basic food and non food needs of a family with 5 members, they must have a combined family income of 10,481pesos - PSA 2019.

This is the primary reason why the BAG-ONG DALAGUETE LIVELIHOOD ORGANIZATION (BDLO) was created. The organization aims to teach its members new skills and knowledge on different income generating activities through different TESDA community based trainings like MANICURE and PEDICURE training. The new skill will help augment their family income and make it sufficient enough to provide for their BASIC NEEDS and BASIC HEALTHCARE NEEDS of the family.

Big thanks to Master trainer in Manicure/ pedicure Sir Giovanni Locaban and to Ma'am Fronie Dalid the supervising TESDA specialist for the time, knowledge, skills and motivation they shared to our community people.

TESDA Zamboanga del Sur


"TESDA Training: Longganisa making and Food Processing"

Empowering the community through Livelihood program in order to sustain their basic and health needs. 🙂

Thank you  TESDA Zamboanga del Sur , Ma'am Fronie Dalis, Sir El Roy S. Aposaga, & Ma'am Ronalyn Joy Tano for sharing your knowledge and skills to our community! ♥️

#Livelihood #Longganisa

"Department of Agriculture: Proper Piggery and Livestock raising Seminar"


Majority of the residents in barangay Bag-ong Dalaguete are farmers. They usually raise pigs and chickens in their backyards to make a living or for daily consumption. Though they are used to this practice, there are still many misconceptions when it comes to proper piggery and poultry raising.

Last February 20, 2020, we invited representatives from the Department of Agriculture headed by Mr. Junard M. Laguindo, Ms. Aranha Jonah D. Bambao, Mr. Erwin R. Salinas and Mr. Juneven S. Malalis to conduct a seminar and share their expertise on PROPER PIGGERY AND LIVESTOCK RAISING. Held at the Bario hall of barangay Bag-ong Dalaguete and attended by members of BAG-ONG DALAGUETE LIVELIHOOD ORGANIZATION (BDLO).

We believe that SUFFICIENT KNOWLEDGE coupled with RESEARCH and EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICES will improve the piggery and poultry skills of the people that will eventually improve their income to provide for the BASIC NEEDS and BASIC HEALTH CARE NEEDS of their family.

Department of Agriculture ZAMPEN

"Livelihood Assembly with DOLE, DTI, and PESO"





"Series of Seminars &  Trainings to Farmers and Women"

Proper Seed Handling  by the Provincial Department of Agriculture


Vermicomposting by the Municipal Agricultural Technician

"DOLE Kabuhayan Starter Kits"


"Coordination with DTI & Human Resource for Job Vacancy and Seminar"


"Development of the organizations Product: Peanut Turon"