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  • Kohleen Alessandra S. Belciña

On the 3rd of December...

At around 9 am, the sun was scorching hot as we started to welcome our guests. As the one who lead the dance, it was overwhelming to see that a lot of the community people participated despite the fact that they live faraway. As soon as everything was settled and each one of the guests had registered, we started. Everyone was very much enthusiastic despite the very warm weather. All of them had energies that were overflowing, laughter that was booming and resonating across the whole hall, and youthful smiles that were bright as the sun. Seeing these gestures alone, it made every ounce of our hard work for the success of the activity worth it.

It was rewarding to see how much they were eager to join in the Zumba. Days prior to the activity, which were spent for practice and preparation, a couple of our neighbors already joined us. The Zumba day was a success for the whole team. Not only were we able to educate them about the importance of exercise in their daily lifestyle, but also perspicuously we all had so much fun in the process.

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