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  • Llean Danica B. Santos

Hypertension Referral

Barangay Bag-ong Dalaguete has a 14% prevalence rate of hypertensive cases and of all identified cases a lot do not take any medication to keep their blood pressure under control, in conjunction with the problem of lack a health facility where individuals could check their blood pressure and lack of a referral system for hypertensive individuals, many cases of hypertension go unidentified, unmonitored and without medications. Due to this problem, the Student Doctors of Bag-ong Dalaguete in partnership with the barangay officials came up with referral system that would ensure that hypertensive individuals would be able to avail free check-up services and maintenace medications from the Rural Health Unit of the Municipality of Mahayag. This referral system enrolls identified hypertensive individuals to the Hypertension Club, spearheaded by the RHU in which their blood pressure would be properly monitored. On the 15th day of July 2018, the data of identified hypertensive individuals were submitted to Doctor Wilson Lumapas, the RHU Medical Officer and Ma’am Miguela Pallar, the RHU health officer. The identified cases of hypertension were immediately listed on the Hypertension Club. The medical student also created a Raffle draw due next exposure in which every check-up will equal a one raffle ticket to encourage hypertensive individuals to avail the services of the RHU and take their maintenance medication all in hopes for a healthier Bag-ong Dalaguete.

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