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  • Anna-Reema R. Itum

Nutrition month event in Elementary School

The team in partnership with Bag-Ong Dalaguete Elementary school conducted a program in line with the current nutrition month. Giving health teachings to the youth of Barangay Bag-Ong Dalaguete in the topics that are adjusted and beneficial to the people residing in the Barangay. Topics on Nutrition, Hygiene and SODIS were discussed together with games and a little role playing done by the team of Medical Students.

The team started the activity off with an active morning exercise together with students and staff. Followed by short and interactive health teachings tailored to the students understanding. The team discussed “Go, Glow and Grow” foods based on DOH’s Pinggang Pinoy while asking the students to pick up a sticker and attach it to its respective part of the plate. The team then followed by teaching a fun way to learn hand washing while singing adapted from safe guard’s hugas kamay song, which was enthusiastically sung by all students while following hand washing actions. Then, the Solar Disinfection “SODIS” method was introduced by its benefits, its importance and its procedure. Followed by a quick theatrical role play done by the team of medical students to entertain the group of students of Bag-Ong Dalaguete Elementary school while integrating Proper Solid Waste Management. In the end, all students and staff happily shared snacks radiating smiles that would ever be etched in their memories.

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