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  • Llean Danica B. Santos

Water Analysis

The United Nations recognize water and sanitation a human right as everyone has the right to sufficient, continous, safe, acceptable, physically accesible and affordable water for personal and domestic use. In Bag-ong Dalaguete, some areas still has no access to safe water sources and families get their water from a “tabay” or small spring for consumption and use. This poses a threat for the health of individuals as many of this “tabays” are left open and unkept. Due to this problem, the student doctors of Bag-ong Dalaguete collected random samples of water from 2 “tabays” which are sources for drinking, together with a water sample from the barangay water reservoir and sent it for biological and chemical testing. Jeffrey Constantino, a medical student of Bag-ong Dalaguete, with permission from school officials and community preceptors went to Oroquieta, a city in Misamis Occidental to bring the water sample for analysis. After a 1 week wait, the result were available. The water sample from the 2 “tabays” where community people get their water for drinking failed the water analysis and are deemed not potable for human consumption. The water from the water reservoir passed the water analysis. This results are solid evidence for the threat that poses in the community. “Water is life” as the old saying goes, but in situation where people are left with no choice but to drink unsafe water, water could pose as a threat to their lives.

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