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Construction of Sanitary toilets

There are numerous types of health issue common with many people across the globe. Disease is one of the most common issue, thus the community immersion is geared towards health promotion and the prevention of diseases.

One of the community health problems that we have identified in barangay Bag-ong Dalaguete is the lack of sanitary toilet. A total of 35 households does not have a sanitary toilet or does not own a toilet at all. We, being medical students are aware that this problem must be addressed because this can affect the health of the people through the spread of diseases.

In dire desire to improve the health of the people and to prevent occurrence of illness, we have coordinated with the Regional Health Unit(RHU). The sanitary inspectors of the RHU Mr. Alvin Vale and Ms. Miguela Pallar, were able to provide the people with free toilet bowls. We have also mobilized the people to help in the construction of their septic tanks with the appropriate dimensions set by the sanitary inspector. Through the efforts of the people and our partners in the RHU, we were able to build toilets and we hope that through this project we will be able to prevent the spread of diseases and improve the life of the people in brangay Bag-ong Dalaguete.

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