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Women’s Club Meeting

Women play an integral role in society. In Barangay Bag-ong Dalaguete, the Women’s Club have always been indispensable as they have served countless purposes for their family and the community. On the 16th of January 2019, the women of barangay Bag-ong Dalaguete assembled in the Barrio hall to discuss several agendas for the month, including the upcoming Mothers’ Class. They were thrilled and excited to participate in the said event. During the meeting, the Women’s Club President, Mrs. Soledad Entoma, gave a warm greeting and welcome to the Medical Students and invited them to the on-going meeting. She was very kind and full of energy. The Women’s Club members had smiles on their faces upon seeing the Medical students who have returned again after 6 months away. They had the same warm and charming smiles which was very familiar. The Women’s Club also had a special guest from the Department of Agriculture, Mrs. Estrella, who came a long way to inform the people of the upcoming creation of VermiCulture in the Barangay. The meeting was very productive and the women were very participative in the discussion. This meeting just proved the importance of women’s participation in creating a better and healthier community in Bag-ong Dalaguete.

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