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  • Kristel Mae G. Reyes

Solid Waste Management: Bayanihan para sa "kaayuhan" ng Kalikasan

Improper Solid Waste Management has still been a concern for a really long time in the barangay. Promoting Proper Solid Waste Management and Environmental Health is essential to prevent disease/illness through managing the environment and by changing the people's behaviour to reduce exposure to biological and non-biological agents of disease and injury.

On our 5th exposure, the team together with the other medical students assigned in Mahayag collaborated with the Local Government Unit - MDRRMC Office on Ecological Waste Management Engineer for the establishment of monthly collection system. The Barangay Bag-Ong Dalaguete together with three other barangays were given a schedule for waste collection every 16th day of the month. A visit to the SWM ecological park was also done after the said meeting.

The team with the joint efforts of the Barangay Officials,Purok Leaders and Community people worked hand-in-hand to build a Collection point / Mini-MRF for each purok. The Collection point will serve as an area where segregated household's residual and recyclable wastes are placed to be collected by the Municipal Dump truck.

Pahibalo (Signages / Reminders) posters were also given and distributed for each purok leaders so they may be able to post it on strategic places, reminding people to properly segregate.

A conducive environment for health cannot be built alone by a single person, it is achieved by working hand-in-hand so we could build a better and healthier Dalaguete!

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