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  • Kohleen Alessandra S. Belciña

Medical-Surgical-Dental Mission

Started the day by fetching an estimate of 30 medical doctors at Pagadian airport. The whole program started around 11 am. We were welcomed by a handful of community people who were eager to have themselves checked for free. It was a fulfilling experience to be a part of it. To be able to gi

ve free consultations and hand them their prescribed medicines were a bonus. It was a different level of happiness when you see them happy to receive their goodie bags of medicines as their faces beam with excitement as they head home. When we thought health wasn’t a necessity for these people, we thought wrong. Ever since, health has been really a luxury for them which is why most of the people opt for self-medication. As future doctors, we really want health services to be available for everyone, most especially in this under-served municipality that we call home.

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