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  • Jon Alvin M. Selisana

Meeting with the Mayor

In this exposure, one of our activity was to present to the municipal mayor of Mahayag and to other government officials. The students gathered and reviewed all activities including the future activities to be presented to the officials. These include the problem with sanitation, water potability, waste and segregation, as well as direct health problems such as hypertension and tuberculosis. Since there were six group of students assigned in the community, to save time, the groups were halved one was assigned to present to the municipal mayor of Mahayag the other was tasked to presented to the vice mayor. Then each group started to present trying to win the hearts of these government officials. While presenting to the officials they were eager to know about our activities. Questions were asked, such as the feasibility of a program, how we were able to come up with such activities and the like. For most, the officials were willing to help the students with the activities planned for the future. This would greatly aid in the success of our plans for our communities. The officials started mentioning names to whom we can coordinate with regarding a specific program and the others gave their number to aid the students in their community health problems. Overall the activity was a success, not because of the successful presentation by the students but because of the willing officials that have a heart in helping their fellow brethren. Everyone is looking forward to work hand in hand in hopes of working together aiding the community.

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