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  • Jon Alvin M. Selisana

Health teaching to the youth of Bag-ong Dalaguete

Barangay Bag-ong Dalaguete, despite its small population of around 500 residents, it houses an elementary school that teaches kinder to grade 6 pupils. The school is located in purok 1 bounded by purok 2 and puron 4. The school poses a challenge to students from purok 3 and purok 5 which is far from the school, however the teachers said that it didn't affect the students attendance. The population of the school is 42 students with 3 elementary school teachers assigned to the area. As members of Bag-ong Dalaguete, they should br taught on the different health related problens identified in the barangay mainly problems relating to - toilet, waste management, hypertension, malnutrition, and water. These key members of the population fo the Bag-ong Dalaguete since they are still in their formative years. Hypertension was not really a problem to young kids, however teaching kids early on the dangers of smoking would increase their knowledge on smoking. Also they could relay this information to their parents or guardians who are smoking. Since hypertension is related to smoking, it is important to also link these two aspects. Early realization on the impacts of smoking would decrease the probabiltiy of these students to smoke. The students where taught on the harmful effects of smoking. These was taught using a diagram of a man with different diseases caught due to smoking. Next would be problem in waste management. Waste management is still a problem in the barangay, since at the start of our exposure, the people weren't aware of the health related harm it could bring to the people. The students where then taught on waste management and the importance of a clean environment. Emphasizing on the role of students in attaining a clean environment. Role playing was done to teach the students on the said subject. The play was about a kid who was playing on the garbages and caught ill due to his actions. However fairy god mothers where their to help by assisting the kid in cleaning the environment. This was participated by the teachers, the medical students, and our BHW. The teachers were the fairy god mothers, the students were the kid and the kids friends, and the BHW was the mother of the kid in the story. Thereafter, the students where then taught on the importance of sanitation. Aside from reaching a goal of increasing the number of sanitary toilet in the barangay, it is important to impart knowledge on sanitation and proper handwashing. Primarily the students were taught proper hand washing through an action song. The action song was based on a DOH released action song that demonstrates the steps of handwashing using soap and running water. Further beautification of handwashing area was done by posting posters of handwashing as well as inside the rooms posting lyrics for handwashing action song. Further, free hand soap was given by DOH to be donated to the school to improve overall sanitary condition. After that SODIS and boiling was also taught to the kids. Then, the students where taught proper nutrition through the food triangle diagram. After the lecture, the students were evaluated through return demonstration of handwashing and answering questions for the food triangle. Futher, the group helped the kids a little futher by teaching the kids what to do during earthquake - duck, cover, and hold. An earthquake drill was performed to assess their performance then overall they passed. The students were very participative throughout the lectures.

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