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  • Anna-Reema R. Itum

First community exposure here we come

This is it! Our first ever community immersion, the first exposure of many exposures. We have envisioned several things that might happen to us once we got to our assigned destination. Yes, we have expected and prepared for the worst, both, physically and mentally. Some ate everything they craved for before leaving for the community, some packed their whole house into once gigantic human-sized suitcase and some prepared theirselves for a life-changing experience by imagining things that are unimaginable. Amidst the worry and the fear of what is yet to come, the spirit of excitement and new adventure has surely circulated with in the batch. We are ready to face what is to come, head on and heart strong. We are already in a journey to become socially accountable doctors and there is no turning back. We have embarked on a voyage that would in a great extent change our mindsets and our perspectives in life. We are stepping out of our comfort zones and stepping in to the world of the people. We would first handedly see what they see, hear what they hear and most importantly, feel what they feel. These are the things that you could not learn despite how many stack of medical books you read in your whole medical career, these are the things that can only be learnt through experience.

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