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  • Jon Alvin M. Selisana

House to House Surveying

After reviewing the questionnaire for our house to house survey, I feel like I’m still not confident with my bisaya. Even with having a scripted translation, how would you reply to their jokes and other questions? Well luckily I have my partner with me to help me with my Bisaya. Those were just one of the struggles of the house to house survey - and there's a lot. So besides focusing on the hardships, I would focus on the positive things I’ve learned. First of all, people in Dalaguete are really kind and even when they’re busy they entertained us. Second is that, whenever there's something i could not understand I smiled and say “mao jud” as my first reply then look at my partner to continue the conversation, third is that, the survey was an important part of diagnosing the community, and huge part of it is understanding each households general condition from socioeconomic to health status, lastly you just start to fall in love with the people and understand the spectrum of simplicity and sources of happiness in life, indeed community gives us more than what

we can offer!

Photos during the house-to-house survey:

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