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  • Naseemah K. Tucal

Third Community Immersion

This community exposure was the busiest and fun immersion so far. We had less than a month to do household surveys of the entire barangay, collation of data, encoding outputs, and add to that inspection of the houses and anthropometric data gathering of certain individuals. The main objective of this month’s immersion is to gather household data, collate findings, and prioritize problems that are present in the barangay according to our results. Thereafter a meeting with the barangay officials and purok leaders was to be done in order to gather the opinions from the side of the community what perceived problems their barangay has. Together we prioritized the problems with a specific tool for problem prioritization. A few days after we had our general assembly on where we gave a mini discussion and shared with the constituents the results of the prioritized problems there is in the barangay. But for it to be an interesting day, we had fun and games after the short discussion. It was a fun day on where everyone enjoyed the games. It was good to see everyone participating and cooperating with us during the general assembly. On the nights of our stay, some of us study, some of us started working on our paper, some of us relax or rather do movie marathons, but never did one forget their own responsibility. Indeed it was one of a kind experience!


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