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  • Llean Danica B. Santos

Visit to the Barangay's Elementary School

On January 25, 2018, our group visited Bag-ong Dalaguete Elementary School with the intent of measuring the anthropometric data which are the height, weight and MUAC of the students attending the said school. Upon reaching the school, we were welcomed by the playful student and the friendly teachers of the school. We introduced ourselves to the faculties, which was only composed of 2 teachers and a Principal, as well as to the students and explained our purpose for that day. The school only had a handful of students per grade level as they share the same rooms with on a small black board in between classes to serve as a barrier. All the students were participative and very active as we ask them some questions. We proceeded with taking their height with a measuring tape which we taped on a wall and a portable weighing scale in order to measure their weight, specially focusing on children less than 5 years old who will be the focus of our CHP on malnutrition. After all the students were weighed and measured, we gave a little treat to the students. We packed up our things, said our goodbyes and called it a day.

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